Corporate Social Responsibility

We define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our commitment to work as partners with all our stakeholders to effectively improve the quality of life of the members of our workforce, their families and the local communities around our facilities.

CSR is locally managed and specific responsibilities have been assigned for coordinating local projects, communicating CSR activities internally and to external stakeholders, establishing stakeholders’ dialogue and relations, as well as participating in corporate monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success

Every endeavor is made to effectively maintain and continually improve our processes/ activities with respect to environment and maintain greenery within and around plant premises. Company had already planted trees in Factory premises on both sides of road from Factory to Sakran Police Station. Attock Cement Pakistan Limited has planted more than 4000 plants during the year 2017 to 2018. Current year plants target in line-3 area is about 5000. As a responsible organization, ACPL fulfills all the applicable legal, social and moral obligations related to environmental control. ACPL aims at contributing generously towards mitigating pollution effects and thus save this world for future generations.

In addition to greenery, ACPL has also been looking for projects such as the successful installation of Waste Heat Recovery System which was registered with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for reduction in carbon emissions.

Recently Company Management has expended millions of rupees for installation of Bag House for elimination of dust emission. The old technology and inefficient Electro Precipitator at Line-1 causing dust emissions to some extent was also replaced with most modern Bag house supplied and erected by HCRDI, China in May 2019 at a cost of 240 million rupees. This resulted in the significant reduction of dust emissions from 290 mg / NM3 to around 40-45 mg / NM3 much less NEQS allowable limit of 300 mg / NM3.

As a responsible organization ACPL is paying great attention towards the well-being of the inhabitants of the vicinity. 
The Company operates a 6 beds hospital in the area near its factory premises where the treatment is free for the local communities. 

Daily turnover of the clinic is around 100 patients who get free OPD treatment the doctors of ACPL give treatment in the Medical Centre. Besides male doctors a lady doctor also regularly visits the clinic thrice in a week for gynecology and obstetrics related cases. 

ACPL periodically organizes Medical Camps as well for the locals of the area where they are treated free of cost. 

Free Medical / Eye camps are also organized by the ACPL on Quarterly basis in the local vicinity. CMO along-with his team provide medical check-up and issue free medicines to the local residents. Necessary eye surgeries are done patient selected during eye camp. Moreover optical are provided to poor patient in the eye camp.

ACPL has established a welfare dispensary at Goth Hasil Bazenjo Sakran. Where provide check up facility and free medicines to the poor needy resident of the area.

ACPL has renovated the Emergency Ward of the Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital, HUB where especially Mortuary has been properly renovated by installing an AC. Three surgical sets and medicines worth Rs. 100,000/- has been provided.

ACPL recently established fully equipped ICU Room at Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital Hub at cost of Rs.3 million Rupees. ACPL also conducted free medical camp at Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital on 16 March 2017, where free treatment had provided more than 1500 patients.

ACPL has taken Blood Screening Tests of 30 Prisoners of Gadani Central Jail through CSR Program. In 2017 ACPL has also provided 30 Ceiling Fans to Gadani Central Jail on the request of Sessions Judge Lasbela at Hub.

Transport facility is also provided to residents of the adjoining Goths for medical consultation at Karachi. Financial aid for Medical treatment is provided to local poor and needy residents. Also Ambulances provided to resident of nearby Goths for emergency treatment.

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited provided Ventilator to Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital Hub at cost of 2.3 million Rupees through its CSR program in 2017.

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited had provided Delivery table to labor room in Jam Ghulam Hospital and also provided ETG and ECG Machine through CSR Program.

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited has provided 20 surgical beds for the emergency unit of Jam Ghulam Qadir Civil Hospital Hub.

Renovated emergency ward of Jam Ghulam Qadir civil Hospital Hub furnished wash rooms with marble tiles and installed new commode and washbasin in 2018.

ACPL has provided complete Operation theater equipments to Civil Hospital Hub recently.

ACPL has provided one Autoclave Sterilizer to Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital Hub for its Dental Department and one unit Air Conditioner (Split) also provided Hospital recently.

ACPL management has done renovation work of emergency ward and Dental room of Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital through company CSR program. Two units ACs provided at pediatrics ward in Civil Hospital Hub.

In addition to the responsibility of health and education of the locals, ACPL also looks after poor families and regularly provides rations to 40 poor widows / orphans. 

We also provide drinking water to nearby villages, consisting of more than three hundred houses and extend financial assistance to 15 poor/needy families of nearby Goths. 

In order to make commuting easy not only for our own staff, but also for the local as well, ACPL has constructed 8 miles Road from Sakran PS to Factory. Beside that 10 Kilometer road from Serat Chowk to Sakran PS was constructed by ACPL in 1995 and since then it is properly maintained by ACPL. The road is used by the public residing in the vicinity and also travelers of Tehsile Durreji.

The Sakran road in 2017 also repaired from ACPL to Seerat Chowk main RCD Road Hub Chowki.

ACPL has also participated in 5 days cleaning campaign in Hub Chowki on the request of worthy Deputy Commissioner Lasbela, where have done cleaning of allotted Block.

Recently Attock Cement had done patchwork of Sakran Road from Sakran Police station to Band Murad towards Hamdard University.

Management donates funds on any event of the National Disaster. Employees also donate one day salary on any event of national disaster. Last year relief goods were distributed by the ACPL team at Ziarat and other disaster effected area of the Balochistan.

Funds were donated for the relief activities of the Earth Quake hit areas of Awaran District. Provided 20 Solar units and 400bags cement for repair of Schools.

Similarly management of ACPL has provided 400 ration bags for effectees of flood to District Administration of Lasbela.

ACPL has been providing employment to locals of the area, especially to the residents of the surrounding Goths. Sports activities including Football / Cricket Tournaments are also arranged at factory in which all local teams from Hub participate. Also financial grant is given to Government sports department at District level.

Food Ration has also been providing to 40 poor families residing in nearby Goths every year.

Each and Every year during holy month of Ramadan, ZAKAT distributed among the poor and needy residents of the HUB area. This year a sum of Rs: 1,000,000/- has been disbursed on this account.


ACPL has been providing water supply to three nearby Goths thru pipeline and fourteen (14) Goths are provided water thru water tanker. A water filter plant has been installed at family colony thru which filter water is provided to residents of the family colony.

ACPL also provide supply of potable water both through pipelines and through tankers to almost 20 adjoining Goths.

Company had also recently established 5 Water Filtration Plants at the cost of 2.5 million Rupees in RAHO BAZENJO Got, Muhammad Ali Wahora Goth, Sakhi Dad Goth, Haji Ramzan Marri Goth and one at Dr Dhani Bakhsh Goth along with water storage tank for neat and clean drink water for the residents of these Goths. Over 7000 population is benefitting from these plants.

ACPL provided Water bore pump and accessories at Ahmed Palal Goth Sakran at the cost of one hundred thousand rupees.

Two Solar water schemes have been complete at the cost of Rs.1 million on         Dureji Road near Wahrab area to provide neat and clean drinking water to the people of nearby Goths. Around 20000 populations is benefitting from this program.

Most recently company has established three more water filteration plants at Hasil Khan Bazenjo Goth, Government High School Sakran also provided water bore pump at same school and Bangal Khan Marri Goth.

ACPL has been involved in imparting education to the locals of the area and is managing a primary level school by the name of Falcon School with over 200 students (boys & girls) and taking care of all expenses related to building, staff, uniforms & Books. ACPL has also built and donated a building to The Citizens Foundation where over 350 students are enrolled. Both the schools are fully sponsored by ACPL. 

In addition to the education, the transportation of the children is also arranged and sponsored by ACPL.

Moreover, The Company sponsored TCF- Dr. Rachad Pharaon Campus primary section has started its academic activities from April, 2010 under the supervision of The Citizens Foundation (TCF).

The primary section has a capacity of over 350 students, having ten class rooms. The second phase of TCF- Dr. RachadPharaon Campus i.e. the Secondary section will start its academic activities soon.

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited has constructed additional 2 Rooms at the cost of 1.5- million Rupees for students in Falcon Public School in 2018.

A School building constructed near to factory in 2009 which has been running by TCF (The Citizen Foundation). At first it started classes’ up-to Primary Level and in 2014 Secondary level classes has also been started. Now 255 students are studying in the school.

ACPL has provided services of one teacher at Govt. Primary School Goth M.A. Vahora near ACPL factory. Books/Stationary is also provided to students of these school/services of one Female teacher at Government Girls primary school Shah Dost Goth.

As per request of D.C. Lasbela Laboratory equipments worth Rs. 300,000/- have been provided to Govt. School Uthal / Bela.

On the request of worthy Deputy Commissioner Lasbela In 2009 ACPL constructed a room in Govt High School Hub and also done rehabilitation work of sewerage lines and renovation of wash rooms.

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited has constructed 3 Rooms with Veranda in Government Boys High School Sakran at the cost of 3 million Rupees, on preference of District Sessions Judge Lasbela at Hub in 2018.  

Attock Cement Pakistan Limited also arranges and support functions on the day of 23 March and 14 August events to Govt Boys High School Sakran evey year.

ACPL constructed two wash rooms at Goth Lal Muhammad Jalbani for students of Government Girls primary school.

ACPL Management has constructed two class rooms and an underground water storage tank for students of Shah Dost Girl School.

ACPL management has constructed a science laboratory at TCF School near Attock Cement for the purpose to upgrade school up to secondary level classes. 

ACPL management has constructed two class rooms and boundary wall of School at Falcon Public School Sakran.


Four Buses has been provided from Factory to Hub Chowki and Baldia Town Karachi only for the children of nearby Goths.