Human Resource

The Company, as part of its HR policies, is proactive in providing employment opportunities in one of the least developed areas of Pakistan, where the manufacturing facilities of the Company are located i.e. Hub, Balochistan.

ACPL takes pride in the fact that a large part of our workforce comprises of people employed from the villages surrounding our plant.

Moreover, we believe in hiring quality manpower to run our technical and commercial operations in the utmost professional manner. Therefore, when it comes to recruitment of people, ACPL makes no distinction on the basis of cast, color, creed, gender or religion etc.

Our journey over the years has taught us that people are more important than systems & processes. Therefore, we provide a pleasant working environment where people find constant opportunities for their development – ACPL is truly a place to learn.

We follow the principle of investing in the future of employees and training them in such a way that they can assume leadership roles of tomorrow. And because we truly trust in our people, they enjoy the freedom to prove their talent and to progress faster than they would anywhere else. They thrive in an environment of high autonomy and accountability. They want to be responsible for what happens and make the decisions from day one. We term ATTOCK as a family rather than an organization. The growth of the Company goes side by side with this family.

We are a people company. Our people are our greatest strength, and nothing can be achieved without their commitment and energy.

We put strong emphasis on growing our internal talent and most opportunities are first offered to internal candidates through internal profiles selection. Regular performance reviews are conducted to identify and retain key talent. 

While we seek talented individuals who can produce results in a challenging environment, we offer internal and external development opportunities; such as rotations, trainings, workshops etc to help them excel at their current jobs and prepare for their next roles while keeping in view their long-term career aspirations. 

We believe in a wonderful mix of experienced and fresh blood which keeps the organization to have a flavor of being agile and vibrant. We value potential and talent as we seek fresh graduates and experienced professionals ready to excel with the power of knowledge and exposure; thus enabling them to create their own identity.
Management Trainee Program

ACPL recognizes the need to effectively recruit and train individuals as future leaders in both technical and non-technical areas of the Company’s Management. Our Management Trainee Program is designed to attract fresh graduates who possess significant abilities, with willingness to learn and believe in being a team player.

Our Management Trainee Program provides first-hand knowledge of how the Company operates; offers a conducive work environment and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our Company’s Management Trainee Program considers students possessing degrees in both technical and professional areas.

Apprenticeship Program

ACPL firmly believes that education and skill development are essential for the advancement of local communities of Sakran, Hub. In order to implement its’ objective effectively the Company provides different learning and growth opportunities to the local people through its structured apprenticeship program. It helps in giving the deprived a fair chance to get employment and learn to develop themselves as respectable individuals of society.

The apprenticeship program focuses on development of technical skills of young boys through rigorous on the job training. Based on their performance which is assessed during different intervals, ACPL acknowledges their efforts by providing an apprenticeship certificate and paving the way to regular employment with the Company.

Internship Program

ACPL provides internship opportunities to students enrolled in graduate & undergraduate programmes of renowned universities, both at the Head Office and Factory, for a period of 4-6 weeks. Our internship program offers these young minds a chance to gain experience and learn work dynamics, of an organization, with respect to its activities, goals and principles.

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Please note that Attock Cement Pakistan Limited never asks for cash in any form when inviting applications against a job/vacancy post.